Vesconite Line (Self-Lubricant Polymers)

Vesconite Line (Self-Lubricant Polymers)

Self-Lubricant Polymers (Vesconite)

Vesconite is constituted by an enhanced thermoplastic material with an assembly of properties specially formulated to long-term applications and low lubrication.

It combines the capacity of bigger load than Babbitt metal with self-lubricating properties better than those of nylon, providing, at the same time, a higher performance to the phosphorous bronze.

Vesconite Hilube

Material developed to solve wear problems in cases of non-lubricating and adverse applications. VESCONITE HILUBE is a long-life material, simple and low maintenance, which offers exceptional performance when lubricated. VESCONITE HILUBE consists of an advanced engineering thermoplastic with self-lubricating incorporated. VESCONITE HILUBE has been developed to replace VESCONITE Standard in dry run situations and relatively high loads and slip speeds.

Typical applications: butterfly valves, crawler bushings, hydraulic pumps, sanitation equipment, marine propeller and rudder bushings, boat deck equipment.

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