SIM Lines (Bushings in Bronze)

SIM Lines (Bushings in Bronze)

Systems Exempt from Lubrication - Bushings in Bronze

The Grafimec bearings of Line SIM are exempt from oil and have solid permanent lubrication, they are ideal for critical combinations of load/speed and extremes of temperature, ensuring better conditions of sliding through the formation of permanent film that occurs right when starts the movement between a compound and the bearing.


Bronze alloy of high strength and hardness, used for applications of static high loads and extreme at low speeds. It has excellent resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Typical applications: steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, hydraulic sluice gates, butterfly valves.

Technical Specifications
UNS / DIN 863 / CuZn25Al 5
Tensile Strength N / mm² 750
Resistance Limit N / mm² 450
Compressive Strength N / mm² 415
Charge Spec. Maximum N / mm² 98
PV Maximum N / mm².m / s 3.2
Maximum Temperature 300
* Maximum Peripheral Speed m/s 0.4
** Friction coefficient 0.10
Typical Applications and Performance The hardest and toughest of bronzes.
Applications of high compressive strength.

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