Graficomp Line (Self-lubricating Compounds)

Graficomp Line (Self-lubricating Compounds)

Self-lubricating Compounds (Graficomp)

Graficomp are composite material soaking special synthetic tissues with thermo-fixed resins. The physical and mechanical properties of all the Graficomp material are an excellent option to tribology material.

The Graficomp composites can be uses in bearings, wear plates, self-lubricating guides and other compounds, replacing bronze and graphite bronze.

This line can be used in industry of power generation, petroleum and gas, and naval industry.

Now produced in Brazil


Graficomp-S products are manufactured by winding epoxy-impregnated glass fiber wires onto a liner or PTFE glove plus solid lubricants.

Graficomp-S is ideal for rotating, translating or oscillating movements even at start-stop conditions.

Typical applications: power generation, medical equipment, automotive industry, marine industry, food industry.

Technical Specifications
Compressive Strength 450 MPa
Maximum Static Load 200 MPa
Maximum dynamic load 140 MPa
Maximum peripheral speed 0.3 m / s
PV Max 75 MPa.m / min
Operating temperatures -190 at 170 ° C
Specific density 1.9 to 2.0
Friction coefficient 0.08 to 0.25
Recommended maximum length 2x internal diameter
Recommended minimum length ½ inner diameter
Recommended axis chrome steel
Hardness 58 HRc
Finish 0.2 μRa

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