Graficomp Line (Self-lubricating Compounds)

Graficomp Line (Self-lubricating Compounds)

Self-lubricating Compounds (Graficomp)

Graficomp are composite material soaking special synthetic tissues with thermo-fixed resins. The physical and mechanical properties of all the Graficomp material are an excellent option to tribology material.

The Graficomp composites can be uses in bearings, wear plates, self-lubricating guides and other compounds, replacing bronze and graphite bronze.

This line can be used in industry of power generation, petroleum and gas, and naval industry.

Now produced in Brazil

Graficomp Hidro

It is a composite nano additive composed of an epoxy resin matrix reinforced with polyester fabric that forms the structural part of the system. The sliding layer consists of a 50% PTFE fabric and 50% Dacron, giving the product a low coefficient of friction. The epoxy resin that binds the entire assembly has low water absorption making this material ideal for applications submerged in water.

Applications: Bearing bearings, directional vane bearings, servo wear rings, locking bearings, vertical and horizontal segments of throttle rings, butterfly valve bushings, pivoting or lifting bridge plates.

Physical Properties:
Compressive strength ASTM D695
Perpendicular to Lamination 241 MPa
Parallel to Lamination 93 MPa
Perpendicular - Break 345 MPa
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 69 MPa
Traction Elasticity Module ASTM D638 3,240 MPa
Shear Strength ASTM D3846 83 MPa
Flexural Elasticity Module ASTM D790 1,793 MPa
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 M100
Density ASTM D792 1.2 g / cm 3
Water Absorption ASTM D570 < 0.1%

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